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Through RS485 cables master BMU will collect the following information of every module in the system-voltage, current and temperature. Basing on the collected information master BMU will performance the function of connecting or disconnecting the contactor. This system is suitable for power system where high current is required, such as:

1. Eco battery power system for light electric vehicle, HEV, EV,etc.

2. Energe storage system for solar, wind or solar-wind system.

3. Backup power system for telecom basestation, communication equipments, power grid, banks, UPS, etc.


Main Featuress

Beside the basic functions such as over-voltage,over current,over heat and balancing,

O'CELL BMS owns the following feature.

1.Master-Slave architecture makes the system flexible.

2.Second alarm makes maintenance easier.

3.CAN2.0 and industrial level electronic components makes system reliable.

4.Contactor makes high rate charging and discharging feasible.

5.Periodic insulation measurement makes personnel safer.

6.IP56 design makes system suitable for wider application.

7.Host can control the system easily.


Main Functions

1.Measure the voltage of the battery in series and the whole system.

2.Detect the charge/discharge current of battery system.

3.Calculate the battery system's SOC.

4.Measure the insulation of battery system.

5.Control the temperature of battery system.

6.Communicate with host or LCD screen.

7.Communicate with charger.

8.Record the operation and failure data.

9.Data storage and monitoring by PC.

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