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Energy has always been the driving force for the continuous development of human civilization. With  the mission and vision of "New Energy·New Life",  Ocell New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2008.


After more than ten years of focus & innovation, Ocell technology has become a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials and power supply systems. Its products are widely used in motive, energy storage, UPS power supply, 5G communications and other fields.


After more than ten years of hardworking, Ocell technology achieved impressive results. Ocell is based in Yichang radiating the world. With its excellent product performance and good market reputation, Ocell has won the recognition of domestic & overseas customers. Ocell is well-known in specific market, and brand influence ranks top in the industry.

From the commissioning of the first lithium iron phosphate cathode material production line to becoming a strategic partner of China's lunar exploration and deep space exploration technology; from winning the "Innovative China• Hubei Entrepreneurship Competition" to the establishment of the academician expert workstation of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ocell has been regarding technological innovation as the soul and core competitiveness of the enterprise.

There is a strong research and development team in the whole field

Ocell established industry-university-research cooperation with Harbin Institute of Technology University, Shanghai Electric Power University, Hubei University, Three Gorges University and other universities. Ocell owns nearly 100 patents.


Leading by technology and driving by innovation, Ocell mastered core technology——

In the cathode material manufacturing process, based on the patented liquid-solid reaction, the wet ball milling in-situ carbon coating technology is used to prepare lithium iron phosphate cathode materials with excellent performance, free of miscellaneous elements such as iron and superphosphate, and self-discharge rate is low. It has good batch consistency and good performance at low temperature and the high rate discharging .


In the process of cell manufacturing, we strive for perfection and continue to optimize production processes such as mixing, coating, electrode making, assembly, and aging to ensure cell yield and batch consistency. Each cell has an explosion-proof device, and the cell abuse performance is stable. It has passed the lithium battery standard test for electric vehicles and meet the requirements of international battery directive. It has obtained UL , CB , UN38.3 and other certifications. The cell is safe, reliable and stable.


The discharge capacity at -20°C is not less than 70% of the discharge capacity at room temperature , which meets the requirements of the vehicle motive battery performance test to ensure excellent low temperature performance. In high temperature performance products ,we also realized the long cycle life at 60°C and 85 °C , which meets the needs of different customers for different application .


In the battery module assembly process, With unique battery matching technology, Ocell has increased the curve rate and other new matching technologies based on the traditional capacity, voltage, internal resistance, self discharge and constant current ratio, and improved the consistency of modules and systems.


The company has the composite copper nickel sheet welding patent technology, which solves the problems of multiple cells welding and heat dissipation. The battery has good cycle performance and low module temperature rise and higher SOC accuracy.


Ocell technology always regards quality as its life. Adhering to the manufacturing philosophy of "Strict criterions, Solid Skills", ocell control the product quality strictly. Not only through ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other management system certification, but also established a testing center in line with the international standard ISO / IEC17025. The testing range covers physical properties, Chemical properties, electrical performance, and safety.


As one of the first domestic high-tech enterprises engaged in the research and development, production and sales of lithium iron phosphate series products, Ocell Technology has a lot of experience in the research and development and production of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, cells and power supply systems, and has formed an integrated industrial chain from raw materials to applications.


The company has invested more than 400 million yuan .Through new construction and expansion, the industrial chain has been completed. Ocell not only has an annual output of 6000 tons of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, an annual output of 1G watt hours of 26650 cells, the annual assembly of 2G watt hours, with a total scale of 6GWh, but also provides customized product and energy solutions according to customer and industry needs. Nowadays, in different regions, countries, and industries, Ocell is using the cutting-edge Chinese wisdom to continuously release energy and drive a better life.


The dream is coming true.Ocell technology has not forgotten its original aspiration. Ocell has always been adhering to the management philosophy of "people-oriented, technology-centric, innovation-driven, quality-guaranteed, service-oriented, and market-oriented." Ocell has always adhered to the humanistic concept of "diligent in thinking, quick in action, and success in change", constantly climbing the peak, creating a better future with wisdom.


In this era of rapid change, all Ocell people will devote to the fields of comprehensive development of smart transportation, smart homes, and smart cities.


Accelerating the transition and upgrading of Ocell to intensification, informationization, and intelligence, moving forward courageously and striding forward toward the goal of smart new energy and smart new life!


Cooperate with Ocell technology to create a better life!


Smart New Energy, Smart New Life-Ocell New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


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