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Is lithium iron phosphate safe?

Is lithium iron phosphate safe?

December 8, 2023

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1. Lithium iron phosphate is the current safe lithium ion battery cathode material, does not contain any harmful heavy metal elements, its olivine structure is difficult to precipitate oxygen, improve the stability of the material.


2. The production process of lithium-ion iron phosphate battery is roughly the same as that of other lithium-ion battery varieties, and its core processes are: batching, coating, rolling, producing, and winding. In the dosing process, the conductivity of lithium iron phosphate material is relatively poor, so the particles are generally smaller, and the objective effect of this is that the internal arrangement is more uniform, which promotes the formation of a balanced voltage platform, and can maintain the state of the battery when working.


3. Charge and discharge are the two basic working states of lithium-ion batteries. When the lithium iron phosphate battery is charged and discharged, because the oxidation capacity of iron ions is not strong, it will not release oxygen, and naturally it is difficult to REDOX the reaction with the electrolyte, which makes the charge and discharge process of lithium iron phosphate batteries in a safe environment. Not only that, lithium iron phosphate batteries in large rate discharge, even in the process of overcharge and discharge, it is difficult to occur a violent REDOX reaction. At the same time, after the lithium is removed, the crystal lattice change makes the final volume of the cell (the small component unit of the crystal) shrink, which just offset the new volume of the carbon negative electrode in the reaction, so the lithium iron phosphate battery can maintain the stability of the physical structure in the charge and discharge, eliminating the hidden danger of the battery bursting phenomenon due to the increase in volume.

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