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Advantages of power modules replacing switching power supplies

Advantages of power modules replacing switching power supplies

October 9, 2023

Latest company news about Advantages of power modules replacing switching power supplies

1. Small size. Because the power module is also a type of switching power supply, but it uses a more integrated PCB board and components, coupled with reasonable layout and design, it has great advantages in size and may effectively reduce the size of the developed product. .

2. Each module can be strictly tested separately to ensure its high reliability, including power-on detection to eliminate substandard products. In comparison, integrated solutions are more difficult to detect because the entire power supply system is closely linked to other functional systems on the circuit. Each power module has also undergone strict high-temperature detection and aging, and the product performance is stable.

3. Different suppliers can design modules of the same size according to existing technical standards, providing engineers designing power supplies with a variety of different options. That is, you can relatively change the pin name, volume, shape, etc. of the product according to the characteristics of your product, so as to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.

4. Compared with switching power supplies, power modules are more efficient and can effectively reduce energy consumption. High-efficiency conversion makes target products more competitive. It is also more in line with the current energy-saving development requirements for environmentally friendly products.

5. The design and detection of each module are carried out in accordance with standard performance requirements, which helps reduce the risks of adopting new technologies.

6. Easy to use and high maintenance efficiency. If an integrated approach is adopted, once there is a problem with the power supply system, the entire motherboard must be replaced; if a modular design is adopted, the problematic module only needs to be replaced, which helps save costs and development time.

7. Power module products are generally encapsulated with glue, making the products less susceptible to external influences, such as smoke, dust, vibration, etc. Better adapt to different usage environments.


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