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Repair method of lithium iron phosphate battery

Repair method of lithium iron phosphate battery

February 2, 2023

Latest company news about Repair method of lithium iron phosphate battery

Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, iron lithium-ion batteries have the following advantages: high energy density, strong safety, high temperature performance, high power output, long cycle life, light weight, saving equipment room reinforcement costs, small size, long battery life, and good security. The premise of the repair of the lithium-ion iron phosphate battery pack is that all lithium-ion battery failures can be repaired except for those that are truly obsolete or have reached the end of their life (each battery has its own lifespan, usually two or three years).


Electric vehicle iron phosphate lithium ion battery pack repair method:

1. Regrouping: After the whole group of lithium-ion battery is damaged, we often carry out charge and discharge detection on the lithium-ion battery pack of electric vehicles. In the inspection, it is often found that 50% of the batteries in a group are not damaged. The reason is that in the serial battery pack, individual batteries lag behind and the function of the whole battery group declines, so that the function of the whole battery group declines.


2. Water replenishment: Water replenishment for lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles that have been used for about 4 months can extend the service life of the batteries, extending the average time to more than 3 months. It should be noted that after each water refill, the battery will use the overcharged state to convert the battery from quasi-lean liquid to lean liquid state, and this overcharging is good for improving the battery capacity.


3. Elimination of vulcanization: lithium ion iron phosphate battery repair equipment is used to eliminate vulcanization of batteries.

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