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Electric car out gradually.though pilot station concept


Ministry of finance, ministry, the NDRC, letter jointly issued notice formally 4 ministries and buy new energy vehicles in private pilot work, in the new subsidies energy industry, electric cars and the key link of the most obvious beneficiaries of charging station and when pile construction.

5 pilot city urged station construction

Just look at large and medium-sized cities highway side every five kilometers is built, and the gas station can be fully understood the importance of the pile and charging.

The senior personage says, local governments are very seriously, charging station, especially the construction of pile on the Shanghai and shenzhen pilot, changchun, hangzhou, hefei this 5 cities, investors can clearly see that the local government vigorously promote the construction of pile, charging station.

Shenzhen, Shanghai's action is relatively fast. Shenzhen from June 1, the shenzhen energy-saving and implementation of new energy vehicle demonstration pilot scheme, promote except for personal, social organizations and enterprises purchase new energy vehicles in the central financial subsidies on the basis of the subsidy for supporting infrastructure, subsidy.

At the same time, shenzhen has promulgated the "shenzhen electric cars and charging system technical specification, shows that in the coming two years will be in the parking lot and shopping malls or new energy vehicles for high-end hotels parking station. Total planning bus station every 25 how quickly, GongWuChe slow charging pile 2,500 public rapid charging station, and the social public 200 slow battery pile 1 million!

According to media reports, the local government is actively formulate related measures, the formation of drafts for consumers to already include no more than 20% of the one-time subsidies, the focus from the registration procedure direct sale licence registration, etc. The latest progress of economic and informationization, said the committee of Shanghai will also station equipment investment subsidies, 20% will finish nearly 400 battery pile construction plan.

And the other three pilot city in this step also does not calculate slowly. Changchun aspects in the next two years, will be built 4 charging station, 300 charging pile. The station is located in high-tech electric car is put into use, at the end of June.

Hefei is by state grid construction, anhui province this year will be within the scope of construction in five electric car battery charging station and 300, built in hefei pile 4 charging station and 80, in addition, also will pile in construction of electric vehicle in hefei pilot pool.

Hangzhou this year will be a large station construction, five small battery charging station, 50-100 battery replacement service outlets, 130 battery pile. Hangzhou charge CaiXin, deputy director of the board, said hangzhou are exploring car battery network construction mode. In the process of charging facilities, promote the breakthrough is feasible to solve problems of hangzhou car battery service network covers.

Thus, charging station and charging column in the new energy construction electric car industry, service plays an important role in the national policy and the local government of station construction must be under the support of smooth and fast, the performance of listed companies will also be relevant in ascension.

Charge will be divided into three kinds

Station according to the function can be divided into four tall module, the distribution system, charging system, battery charging station monitoring system and scheduling system. A complete supply, the central station need darmstadt, charging zone, replace batteries battery and maintenance, etc. Between five parts Supply station provide for the power supply, not only to provide energy, and the battery charger should satisfy lighting and control equipment of electricity demand, internal distribution has all equipment, power distribution monitoring system, the relevant control and compensation equipment. The central station of used to monitor the darmstadt operation, and complete management situation of report form printing, etc. The main battery charging area. Replace the battery replacement battery is vehicles, need is equipped with battery replacement equipment, and construction of storage battery back-up should be used for the storage battery. Battery to match, batteries battery capacity balance, actual test, battery failure emergency treatment etc. In the battery between maintenance

For car battery charging station are generally classified into three kinds. A common battery charging, is called the conventional battery, the slow or charging pattern, is now the exchanges with plug in the car, need 5 to 8 hours, or 2-6 hours, such as communication mode, external 220V charging ways to communicate or 380V power electric automobile car charger, car charger for power by the battery. General electric cars, but small external rechargeable hybrid electric vehicle pluginhybridelectricvehicle (PHEV), use this way, The second is the current rapid charging, charging bigger, which requires some construction of rapid charging station, it does not require the battery completely filled, only satisfies the need to drive, the charging mode, in 20 minutes and 30 minutes, only 50% to 80% of the battery, such as direct way, ground charger directly to the output of dc electric car battery, please provide relevant charging and communication interface. The charger general power output current, voltage, wide range of change. Some ground charging machine has rapid charging function, The third is the battery replacement.

Six years to recover to station

Station cost is divided into three parts, infrastructure and distribution facilities cost cost, operation cost. Infrastructure costs by charging station, battery charging station, monitor and maintain the equipment safety monitoring equipment, land purchase expenses.

Now many station by local government and provincial nets company jointly building, a lot of land, land for government transfer the cost, low cost of station infrastructure in the judgment of the land purchase expenses for 0.

Station infrastructure costs and configuration of the charger is directly related to the number 10 sets, charging station, rechargeable battery charger, battery charging station, monitor and maintain the equipment safety monitoring equipment cost respectively for 200 million and 20 million and 20 million, infrastructure costs for 240 million yuan.

Station distribution costs and relatively fixed station distribution facilities usually includes 2 transformer, 1 distribution cabinets, 1 km 0.4 KV cable, 2 kilometers above the 700KVA consumers 10KV cable, capacity of active power filter device, charging station in 192 million cost of.

Station operation cost includes employee expenses, equipment, total expenses of consumption 21 million yuan RMB, the cost of maintenance for power facilities in general distribution costs 3%, about six million yuan each year.

Station cost recovery of battery and actually negroponte ability has the very big relations, charging station cost recovery and battery life ability to do a sensitivity analysis, when the battery life ability 70KVA per hour, charging station infrastructure costs for 6.53 recovery, charging station and distribution facilities is based 11.76 for, When the battery life ability reach half an hour 70KVA, charging station infrastructure cost recovery, charging station basis for 327 implementation and distribution facilities for 5.88 years is, When the battery life ability reach 15 minutes 70KVA, charging station infrastructure cost recovery, charging station basis for preventing and distribution facilities for 2.94 years is.

Overall, single station infrastructure and distribution facilities, if not a big investment battery life ability reach half an hour 70KVA above, charging station cost recovery can control in six years. Single station infrastructure and distribution facilities in 430 million yuan investment, first phase construction, with a total investment of 75 seat station for about 3 million yuan, the national power grid is not. Cost recovery from the station, when the battery life ability reach half an hour 70KVA, charging station infrastructure cost recovery, charging station basis for 327 implementation and distribution facilities, with the recovery of 5.88 for battery life ability, strengthen cost recovery will shorten the station.

State grid huge investment in construction of station

When charging station large-scale construction, the main function is to realize the station, slow filling the quick charge by charging pile to realize functions. Considering the area, common battery charging station station should configure ten charger.

According to the national grid planning, the total station first stage investment scale equipment will be 3 million yuan, the second phase 140 million yuan, and the third phase 180 million yuan, by 2020, with a total investment of main equipment station will reach 320 million yuan. The battery charging station, electric equipment of active filter device, the monitoring system of the 2010 investment scale will reach $1.5 billion yuan RMB, 63, 2000, the second stage of the average investment scale will rapid growth to 14.4 billion yuan, 1.6 billion yuan, 6.72 billion yuan.

By 2020, charging pile with total investment of 125 billion yuan. By 2010, charging pile investment scale 160 million yuan, 2011-2015 battery pile investment scale 45 million yuan, with an average annual investment 9 billion yuan, is the first stage of five times the average investment scale.

7 companies benefit station construction

Charging station and pile construction process need lots of equipment, such as charging machine, electricity, active filter device monitoring system, charging pile, transformers, distribution cabinets, cable, etc. Charging machine, electricity, active filter device monitoring system of charging station construction, pile is used up and relatively unique power equipment. Battery charging machine and equipment suppliers have guodian south pile, XuJi electrical, siyuan electrical, active filter otlet newsletter, equipment suppliers have RongXin shares, siyuan electrical, senyuan electric power equipment suppliers have actual monitoring system, south XuJi electrical, south since the actual.

See, the comprehensive benefit of the listed company station construction sequence is as follows: the guodian, south XuJi electrical, RongXin shares, senyuan electric, newsletter, siyuan electrical, otlet south since the actual.

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