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How to Make Your Starter Battery Last Longer

How to Make Your Starter Battery Last Longer

October 21, 2022

Latest company news about How to Make Your Starter Battery Last Longer

1. Each normal start is generally not more than 3 to 5. If it has not started within 5s, it should stop starting, wait for 15s, and then start the second time. If the start is not successful for 3 consecutive times, the cause of the fault should be found.


2. When stopping, first turn off all electrical appliances on the car, and finally turn off the engine; when the engine is not running, please try not to use the electrical appliances on the car for a long time. After the new battery is installed, try to let the engine run as long as possible in the first few times to ensure that the battery is fully charged. Do not install electrical appliances at will.


3. When the machine is parked for a long time, it needs to start and run for 20 minutes every 15 days. If you do not have electronic equipment such as on-board ECU and GPS system, you can directly disconnect the negative end post of the battery from the external wiring harness, so that the battery can be stored for more than 2 months.


4. In the hot weather in summer, when the vehicle is idling or after running for a long time, please try not to park it in a place exposed to the sun.


5. Regularly check the appearance of the battery, whether the electric eye is abnormal, whether the exhaust hole is blocked, whether the connection of the battery end post and the starter motor connector is reliable, whether there is corrosion of the end post, wiring harness, etc., and whether the output of the charging system is 28V. If conditions permit, the battery should be fully recharged outside the vehicle every three months.

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